Prop No. 1 ST-3 Light Rail- Rejected
The Sound Transit Board passed Resolution No. R2016-17 concerning expansion of mass transit in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. This measure would expand light-rail, commuter-rail, and bus rapid transit service to connect population and growth centers, and authorize Sound Transit to levy or impose:  an additional 0.5% sales and use tax; a property tax of $0.25 or less per $1,000 of assessed valuation; an additional 0.8% motor-vehicle excise tax; and use existing taxes to fund the local share of the $53.8 billion estimated cost.
Sound Transit admits ST3 only creates 32K new riders. That’s less than 1% of all trips in 2040 and costs over $500K a rider! To raise $54 billion, Sound Transit 3 will increase your property, car and sales taxes FOREVER.
More Information Here

Initiative No.1433 Labor Standards - No

Initiative 1433 would increase the hourly minimum wage incrementally over four years and require employers to provide paid sick leave. The measure would also adopt related laws about earning and using paid sick leave. 
If passed, the effects of I-1433 will be many. Some workers will benefit from receiving higher pay, but not nearly as many as supporters believe. Businesses will be forced to raise the price of goods and services, hire fewer workers, reduce hours, turn full-time roles into part-time jobs, invest in more automation and pay more people “under the table".

Initiative No.1464 Campaign Finance - No
Initiative 1464 uses your tax dollars to tilt the political system in favor of politicians and out of state special interests, while depriving our schools of resources to fully fund education. We shouldn’t put politicians before our kids . . . Our state is under court order to fully fund education and is subject to a $100,000 per day fine. Instead of funding our schools, the initiative gives $285 million in taxpayer money to political consultants and politicians to spend on mudslinging and negative attack ads . . . The initiative hurts Washington small businesses by raising $285 million in taxes on their customers over the next ten years. This will hurt tourism and kill jobs. More Information

Initiative No.1491 Risk Protection Orders - No
If a person is truly dangerous, existing law already provides a variety of mechanisms to deal with the individual, all of which can lead to firearm prohibitions in appropriate cases.  Depending on the circumstances, these can include arrest, followed by pretrial detention or release on bond with conditions and monitoring; restraining or no-contact orders; or emergency mental health evaluations and commitments.
The issuance of an ERPO does not do anything to deal with the underlying cause of dangerousness, nor does it subject the person to any actual physical restraint, ongoing reporting or monitoring requirements, or treatment for any underlying mental health condition.  Initiative 1491 will be ineffective as it targets the tools but not the problem. More Information

Initiative No.1501 Vulnerable Individuals - No
 I-1501 would set a bad precedent. It would establish that clever special-interest groups could carve holes in the Public Records Act to their benefit, if they’ve got $1.6 million to spend. 
The second clause of this initiative reveals that the true purpose behind the measure is to protect the Service Employees International Union, which represents a large percentage of in-home caregivers. Union officials would prefer that members not be informed that they no longer can be forced to pay dues to the SEIU.
If protecting seniors and others who require care is the goal, then the measure should stick to that issue. But I-1501 goes too far beyond that. Reject I-1501, and instead urge lawmakers to more directly address identity theft. More Information Here

Initiative No.732  Carbon Tax - No
Initiative No.732 proposes a carbon tax that will increase the price of gas $.25/gal. It will put strains on household budgets by increasing the price of electricity in 2020 by 5% and natural gas by 15%, and again in 2040 by 7% and 29%. Initiative 732 is poorly worded and will take money away from state investments in education and health care. State economists estimate that I-732 will reduce state revenue by $800 million.

Initiative No.735 Amend Federal Constitution - No
Initiative 735 opens Pandora’s Box and allows censorship of both profit and nonprofit corporations. Government would be free to censor news, books, movies, music, and your favorite charity. If a corporation made it, government could censor it. Should we empower congressional Republicans to censor corporations including Planned Parenthood, Playboy, PETA and WashPIRG? Absolutely not. Should we empower congressional Democrats to censor CareNet, Fox News, National Organization for Marriage and the NRA? Absolutely not. Vote no I-735


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