Snohomish County Republican Party Bylaws
(Adopted December 10, 2016 )

2012 Platform
(Adopted April 14, 2012)

Five Core Values

There are many issues that we as Republicans hold dear to our hearts. However, our Core Values must represent the foundation of our principles, reflect who we are, what we stand for, and bring focus to issues we can win with.

1. God and Country

It is held as self-evident by our founders that our rights are endowed to us by our Creator. This declaration and acknowledgment of a Supreme Being bequeaths a moral responsibility on us as individuals and a nation that we are obligated to pass on to future generations. To do so, we as a people must hold fast to certain traditions and virtues. As we remain true to our faith, family, and freedom we naturally promote a culture of life for our most vulnerable, both young and old alike. Ascribing to these principles we gain moral clarity to make wise decisions here at home and continue to remain an upright and just nation. With ethics and honor we will show leadership to other nations and insure peace and our own security by maintaining our superior military might. As a sovereign nation we will maintain the integrity of our borders and resist any global legislation that attempts to circumvent our Constitution.

2. Individual Liberty

The purpose of our government is to insure and to protect our rights and liberty, and promote, not provide for, the welfare and security of the individual. The power of our Republic lies solely in the people, who have assigned by consent to the government limited authority for reasonable laws. We therefore reject unreasonable intrusion by government regulation, program or tax, on individuals, business, or property, whose purpose does not encourage or promote the liberty and freedom of the individual.

3. Smaller localized Government

Anything not expressly granted in the constitution to the Federal government is reserved for the States or the people. Decisions made at a more local level result in more efficient and accountable government. Whether federal, state, county, city or town, each level of government must restrain itself to its own business and not project undue influence on matters not directly related to its obligation. Likewise judges, Federal or State, must not legislate or ascribe policy from the bench abridging or circumventing that which is reserved for the people voiced in vote, referendum or constitutionally authorized legislation.

4. Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

We embrace sound fiscal policies that include a balanced budget, a simplified tax system, performance audits and transparent dealings with public money. We encourage thrift and efficient management in all departments and agencies. We reject earmarks, reckless spending, redistribution schemes, and unfunded mandates. We support severe punishment for those elected officials who violate the public trust.

5. Free Enterprise

Capitalism encourages self-reliance, economic opportunity with endless possibilities of societal advancement for all. Socialism leads to dependence on an ever-expanding dictatorial State with economic limitations that instill institutionalized poverty and class warfare. We encourage policies that promote economic freedom allowing the creation and holding of personal wealth with the ability of small and large business to thrive within a free market, with fair and just trade. We must stabilize our future by becoming energy independent of foreign countries controls and cartels. With all freedom comes responsibility. As we encourage individuals and businesses to prosper, as stewards of the environment we champion the protection of, but not exclusion of the ability to enjoy, maintain and use the resources and beauty it provides.

Core Values

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