2018 Candidates for Snohomish County

US Senate
Susan Hutchison                    https://www.susan4senate.com

Congressional District 1
Jeffery Beeler                         https://www.beeler4congress.com​

Congressional District 2
No Candidate

Congressional District 7
Craig Keller                             www.Keller4America.us

Legislative District 1
State Representative Pos. 1
Josh Colver                              [email protected]
State Representative Pos. 2
Debra Blodgett                      www.electdebbie4house.com

Legislative District 10
State Representative Pos. 1
Rep. Norma Smith                 www.votenormasmith.com
State Representatives Pos. 2
Rep. Dave Hayes                    www.electdavehayes.com

Legislative District 21
State Senate
Mario Lionel Lotmore           www.mariolotmore.com
State Representative Pos. 1
Amy Schaper                           www.amy4state.com
State Representative Pos. 2
Petra Bigea                              www.petraforhouse.com

Legislative District 32
State Representatives Pos. 1
Diodato (Dio) Boucsieguez    [email protected]
State Representative Pos. 2
Frank Deisler                           [email protected]

Legislative District 38
State Senate
Savio Pham                             www.savioforsenate.com
State Representative Pos. 1 & 2
Bert Johnson                           

Legislative District 39
State Senate
Senator Keith L. Wagoner     www.wagonerforsenate.com
State Representative Pos. 1 
Robert J. Sutherland               www.sutherland4rep.com
State Representative Pos. 2
Rep. Carolyn Eslick                  www.eslick4state.com

Legislative District 44
State Senate
Doug Roulstone                       www.dougroulstone.com
State Representative Pos. 1
Jeff Sax                                       www.electjeffsax.com
State Representative Pos. 2
Rep. Mark Harmsworth          www.markharmsworth.com

PUD Commissioner
District 1 Commissioner
Sidney (Sid) Logan
District 2 Commissioner
David Chan

Initiative Measure 1631 (Carbon Emissions Fee and Revenue Allocation). Vote to OPPOSE
Initiative Measure 1634 (Prevent Municipalities from levying taxes on groceries) Vote to SUPPORT
Initiative Measure 1639 (Limiting Second Amendment rights) Vote to OPPOSE
Initiative Measure 940 (Police Sensitivity Training and Stand Down) Vote to OPPOSE


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