Ballot Initiatives

Add up the costs of allowing these initiatives to win, or of allowing Democrats to win so they can push through the legislature what they cannot get past the voters. This will calculate the cost of the Democrats promise of an income tax, capital gains income tax, and the energy taxes they propose.

I-1631: recommend Vote NO

I-1631 Imposes an additional pollution tax on any energy-emitting entity even though we already had a Washington State Environmental Policy Act. I-1631 would increase costs and especially penalize middle- and lower-income families and small business owners while exempting large corporations. The oversight board in this measure has broad authority to disburse billions with little accountability to the voters. For more information visit this website:  https://votenoon1631.com/

I-1634: recommend Vote YES

I-1634 prohibits local government from imposing or collecting any new tax or fee on certain grocery items. It would also prohibit any increase of existing local taxes on certain groceries. This protects families, food producers, and vendors.
For more information visit this website:  https://yestoaffordablegroceries.com/default.aspx

I-1639: recommend   Vote NO

I-1639 directly violates HIPAA (which safeguards personal health information), requiring every firearm owner/purchaser to waive his or her lifetime health records. I-1639 defines all semi-automatics as if they were full-automatic assault weapons. Gun owners/purchasers will be required to pay a $25 tax per firearm. Gun owners would have to undergo redundant annual background checks and obtain a state permit to possess any firearms.

I-940: recommend   Vote NO

I-940 Adds another layer of regulation over law-enforcement officers. It (1) sets rules over when law enforcement officers may use deadly force, (2) requires additional de-escalation and mental health training for officers, and (3) requires officers to provide first aid in certain circumstances. However, law enforcement officers already receive the necessary training and provide first aid in certain circumstances. 

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Ballot Initiatives


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