The Precinct Committee officer is the official representative of the precinct to the Republican Party. This is a partisan office established to represent the voters within a specific geographical area. Filing Week is May 14 to May 18, 2018. Contact our office at 425-252-3100 or go online  today at  https://snohomishcountywa.gov/4063/2018-Candidate-Filing

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​​​1. PCO Eligibility & Election
  • Be a member of the Republican Party.
  • Be a registered voter in the precinct.
  • File for election in even numbered years.
  • If unopposed a PCO candidate is automatically elected, if opposed whoever receives the most votes in the August Primary will be elected.
  • Serve a two year term starting December 1st following the election.

​2. PCO Appointment
  • Appointment for open precincts must be after the county reorganization meeting.
  • Eligibility: must declare to be a member of a major political party, registered voter in the precinct.
  • Appointment is made by the County Chair and may require approval of the County Executive Board

​3. PCO Captain
  • If the County Chair cannot find a person with a precinct to serve as a PCO, then he or she may appoint a precinct captain. This individual acts as a PCO but does not live within the precinct.
  • Same eligibility and process as a PCO appointment except appointee may live outside precinct to which he or she is being appointed Captain.


These duties may take a minimum of twenty hours per year, or a few hours a month.

​Ongoing Duties
  • Attend district and county Party meetings, help formulate policy, and recruit party candidates and volunteers
  • Support all Republican candidates
  • Assist with fundraising events, as possible
  • Distribute candidate information to neighbors
  • Engage in Get-Out-the Vote activities: register voters and urge voter turnout

​Biennial Duties
  • Conduct a Precinct Caucus
  • Select officers of the County Central Committee
  • File for election for Precinct Committee Officer
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